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What is Network Redundancy and Why Is It Important?

Posted by Alan Fortier on Apr 30, 2020 9:33:47 AM

Captain America is a tough guy. But when the man stands alone against Thanos’s army in Avengers: Endgame, there’s no chance of survival.


Thankfully, a seemingly bottomless army of magicians, soldiers, and other superheroes come trailing right behind him. Wong, a sorcerer, makes a snide comment about the redundant number of people in their battalion—but what would the Avengers have done without all that back-up?


Final battle scene from Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame

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Redundancy can be a good thing – for heroes and for network technology as well.

Network Redundancy 101


Network redundancy describes a model in which additional or alternate network equipment is installed within a network infrastructure. This ensures the network stays available in case of failure.


In layman’s terms, it’s having back-up. A truly redundant network infrastructure lets you sleep at night, take a day off, or go on vacation with peace of mind knowing that your network will keep running.


Why is Network Redundancy Important?


Network outages can range from irritating to devastating. Whether they’re caused by human error, damaged equipment, natural disasters, or cyberattacks, several minutes to hours of network downtime can lead to halted operations and serious losses in revenue.


The high costs of network failure come in many forms, namely:


Direct costs — Detecting and managing the incident. Hiring third parties to solve the outage. Repairing damaged devices and equipment. Without a preventative, redundant infrastructure, these activities can be serious financial setbacks.


Indirect costs — Mitigating the damage caused by network failure takes staff, time, and resources. You might also spend hours recovering lost data. When IT productivity takes a hit, operations suffer across the board.


City at night with network connectivity lines


Opportunity cost — When your systems are down, how will you service clients? The cost of lost business opportunities has a ripple effect that further damages your reputation as a trustworthy and competitive business.


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For these reasons, every business owner must understand what kind of redundancy is built into their corporate network. If you have a business continuity plan—or are planning to create one—network redundancy should be an integral component of that plan.


How Can I Improve My Network?


If you’re familiar with the OSI model, you already know that securing one layer of your network does not secure the whole system.


Redundant Design


Network engineers can apply redundancy protocols at different OSI layers. They map out detailed diagrams of each network protocol layer and all the devices associated with them. This visual representation of network architecture helps users understand how these items are connected—and what happens at each layer if any individual link or piece of equipment is compromised.


Do you know what your organization’s network architecture looks like?


If your job isn’t network engineering, you shouldn’t have to actively worry about redundancy. The only way to have true peace of mind about your network is by having a solid network design that has 100% redundancy built-in from the get-go.


Learn from Leaders in Network Design


Cywest embeds the Internet-as-a-service into your network by replacing traditional circuits. With a unique network infrastructure that can control Internet traffic and with a solid set of backup circuits, the Cywest SD-N creates a much higher resilience of Internet connectivity—with guaranteed redundancy.


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