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4 Ways to Improve Culture in Technology Companies

Amanda Ahlefeld
Posted by Amanda Ahlefeld on Aug 26, 2020 10:05:00 AM

Your organization’s technology is scalable. What about its employee well-being?

Happy employees and managers make a happy organization. But when we get busy chasing opportunity and growing our digital platforms, we risk neglecting our teams and our people.


It’s the lesser-known cost associated with positive organizational change and growth.


Why culture is never optional

When looking for professional services, owners and managers need clear evidence of a good fit between their company and the provider they choose.


So many managed service providers, VARs, and IT consultants are echoing back and forth the same promises. With so much competition to choose from, clients need more than a checklist of services and the right price to choose a provider.


They need to feel that their choice is right for their company.


The decision can come from a gut feeling they get when meeting your salespeople. And your salespeople don’t just need smooth-talking skills—the corporate culture they embody can sometimes make or break a sale.


Your culture should reflect why people would want to do business with you. It can impact your bottom line.


Culture tips for IT consulting services providers

  1. Define and educate

Avoid abstract concepts and fluff when defining your culture. Be as clear as possible about your values and how to live them, define them with behaviors.


For example, if one of the staples of your culture is innovation, encourage risk-taking and experimentation. Managers can live and breathe transparency by explaining all their decisions or having an open-door policy.


Once your culture is defined, educate and make sure your people profoundly understand it. Host a culture meeting for new hires and seasoned employees alike to remind them of your culture code. Many successful businesses keep libraries of learning content accessible that continually help their employees continue to perform culture-driven behaviors.


  1. Reinforce desired behaviors

First and foremost, managers need to lead by example. Having actionable behaviors ensures employees see what behaviors are valued by the company—then repeat them.



Praise and personalized recognition are proven methods of reinforcing those behaviors. It’s an effective way of amplifying a culture that values not just work ethic, but respect and ownership as well.


Plus, it’s cost-effective; it hardly takes resources or effort to send an email that acclaims an employee for their hard work. Small and frequent gestures like these are the pieces that make up your culture’s DNA.


Competitions and incentive programs can offer a little extra push amid ebbs in team motivation. They can even add more momentum to high-performing teams and employees.


  1. Prioritize wellness

Are you providing your employees with the simplest tools they need to keep themselves and their families healthy? Strong medical benefits that are easily accessible and understandable shouldn’t be perks—they are essential. But perks such as subsidized fitness classes and gym memberships can go a long way.



You can also promote wellness in the workplace with on-site fitness activities or step competitions for employees that work remotely.


  1. Invest in career development and education 


In the ever-evolving IT sector, it’s difficult to keep up, let alone disrupt, without extensive education. Seminars, night classes, and mentorship programs are essential to help employees perform better and to continue to expand your business’ capabilities.

Integrated service providers thrive with strong cultures

IT solutions can go obsolete and demand can drop. What never changes is the success of businesses that nurture a strong, people-centric culture and reap the best results from every employee.


The better you understand your people, the better you can serve your customers.


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