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Cywest exists to disrupt the telecom industry by provisioning communication and infrastructure services the way they were intended. We are earnest in our belief that every one of our customer’s networks is important to us, because at the end of the day, it is our network too. It has our name on it, we own it. It is with sincere effort that we not only say, but back up the fact, that we have the best network on the planet.

Powering Productivity

Rafael Cantu
Posted by Rafael Cantu on Apr 8, 2018 8:30:59 PM

Linking a Great Network with a More Productive Workforce

Computers were invented to increase human efficiency and productivity in business – and as companies grow, computers are networked so that people can share data and eliminate the geography between separate business resources.


Investing in a custom designed network that is built correctly with a logical architecture that focuses on areas such as, redundancy, resiliency and performance means that it is easily flexible for company growth, rather than designing a solution that eventually results in a ramshackle collection of hardware that doesn’t live up to its potential and cause more problems as time goes on.

How are network design and productivity linked?

A good custom network design can bring benefits that will help your business go a long way – these include improved production and performance, reduced maintenance and proper allocation of overhead.


With a good custom network design you’ll be able to provide your employees and your customers with a fast and efficient service that is stable and robust – and stay ahead of the competition. The ultimate aim is to communicate what needs to be communicated without having to deal with the mechanisms and security issues related to that communication.  In other words, you can worry about your work, not your network.

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Keeping the network efficient

Packet loss, jitter and latency are common metrics to identify networks operating at subpar levels. If your custom network is working efficiently then communication around the network, and the transfer of data is fast and slick.


This will help with employees that work remotely and in the office – but without constantly scrutinizing performance metrics then any effort to apply Class of Service in order to optimize your applications and real-time services becomes a moot point.  If customers experience a service that is slow and lagging, they are likely to go to a competitor instead.


Reducing costs

A system that is built correctly and efficiently should create an environment where inevitable network issues will not disrupt company business, or create additional cost due to lost overhead. This isn’t necessarily about communication, rather it’s about maximizing your profitability and lowering your costs at the same time.


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So – in order to take advantage of this it’s important to have a long term technology plan for your organisation. Remember that the process of replacing hardware or making sizable modifications can interrupt your employees and bring the office to a standstill. You can minimize such disruptions by carefully determining short and long term business objectives and working with your network provider to meet them.


How Cywest can help

At Cywest we believe in designing a better, smarter network from the beginning. We understand that your business relies on us providing you with a dependable telecommunications infrastructure. That’s why we work around the clock to keep your networks safe and secure from threats.


Many companies collate and hold a huge amount of market sensitive data which makes their computer networks prime targets for infiltration and infection. These days, their employees are more likely to access that data from multiple devices and locations too - e.g., the office, at home, and on the move between meetings. This puts the network at an even greater amount of risk.


If client data does fall into the wrong hands,  firms can find themselves defending expensive lawsuits. Even so, very rarely do businesses have a plan in place for when their security eventually fails. 

“When you add on to an old network, and make quick fixes here and there, eventually you end up with a maze of messy and unpredictable cables, lines, and systems. And those messy systems don't work as efficiently as they could, and could cost you more in the long run."


With the Cywest approach to network design, you get much more than a solid network; you get next-level support and a knowledge base second to none. You get a smarter design, built to meet your needs and with a proactive partner you’re always ahead of the curve. You won’t have to switch providers or change what you are used to using. We take what you have, improve it, and make it work better for you. 

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