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Cywest exists to disrupt the telecom industry by provisioning communication and infrastructure services the way they were intended. We are earnest in our belief that every one of our customer’s networks is important to us, because at the end of the day, it is our network too. It has our name on it, we own it. It is with sincere effort that we not only say, but back up the fact, that we have the best network on the planet.

How safe is your firm's data?

Cyrus Nooriala
Posted by Cyrus Nooriala on Apr 17, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Many companies collate and hold a huge amount of market sensitive data which makes their computer networks prime targets for infiltration and infection. These days, their employees are more likely to access that data from multiple devices and locations too - e.g., the office, at home, and on the move between meetings. This puts the network at an even greater amount of risk.

If client data does fall into the wrong hands,  firms can find themselves defending expensive lawsuits. Even so, very rarely do businesses have a plan in place for when their security eventually fails. 

“About two-thirds of law firms reported a cyber breach in 2016-2017—and all respondents were targeted, according to a June LogicForce report. Of the 200 US firms surveyed, 95% didn't follow their own cyber policies, and none met their clients' policy standards. A little over half didn't have a breach response plan at all, the report said." -TechRepublic


Many businesses tend to look at IT as an unavoidable expense and look at their financial risk before they consider data risk. This often means they shrink their IT budgets and end up with technology teams that are only skilled in select areas. Firms therefore become reliant on external vendors which adds more layers of complication.


There is added tension too because fast working executives want convenience – they need to access information easily and can be tempted to use resources like Google Docs that are not secure.


Often the basics are met - for example, firewalls are put in place. However, it's not really a question of if  this low level attempt at security will fail - it's when. It is ridiculously easy to hack these days. It's become mainstream, with instructional videos available all over the internet.


So it's becoming increasingly hard to keep your network safe, especially with all the guest devices that attach to your network too. It's a common scenario, most often when clients visit the office and connect to the office wi-fi. It's not stoppable.  Businesses can merely limit the risk but cannot stop it completely.


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Sometimes a business can go months or even years without realizing someone has infiltrated their network and are helping themselves to clients' private data.

Cywest can help

We have a system that can scan and watch out for breaches continuously. It’s called the Passive Security Sensor Platform (PSSP) and it constantly scans metadata looking for anything that’s out of place or not quite right. Due to its passive nature, there is absolutely no effect on performance.


Employing former Department of Defense professionals helped us develop this very one-of-a-kind approach to security - and just plugging into our network means you’re already meeting some of the most critical compliance standards out there. We’re not like other carriers - who may collect your data for monitoring purposes - we use metadata to actually stop that rogue activity and safeguard your business. 

Best of all - the security is in the circuit. No extra equipment required.

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