Will your network pass the test?

To know if your network is healthy, it has to be monitored non-stop. An analyst can evaluate your network for a moment in time. Aware™ captures a 360° view, 24/7. First 30 days at no cost*.

network performance monitoring

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How it works



Install Aware™

Aware™ installs easily on any network. We keep it simple: there’s no need to switch providers.


Get real-time analysis

Smarter than a network analyst, this secure tool monitors traffic and performance 24/7.


Evaluate your network

After quick diagnosis, alerts get sent to our technical staff for suggested improvements.

Can you trust Aware™?

✓ A secure, standardized solution

✓ ITAR back-end compliant

✓ Secure mobile app

✓ Tracks packet loss & routing algorithm anomalies

✓ Evaluates bandwidth utilization

✓ SLA guarantees 15-minute response time

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All day, everyday network monitoring.

To solve issues, you need to see them. Aware™ scans your network day and night to find the performance vulnerabilities damaging your systems.


Expert analysts in the palm of your hand.

Take advantage of our secure mobile app to monitor your performance from anywhere. You can get support in minutes, with response times under 15 minutes, guaranteed in our SLA.

Aware mobile app
Network analysts


Detect, diagnose, resolve.

A tool that’s always there and does it all. Aware tracks availability, monitors router uptime, and analyzes traffic patterns and network bandwidth performance.

Aware™ captures the big picture. Start safely monitoring your network today.




See Integral Aerospace's experience with the Cywest network

Manufacturers of military-grade products needs military-grade security—which makes Cywest's high-performing network and cloud service a perfect fit for Integral Aerospace. 


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